SEASOFT’s SeaBee™ Natural Beeswax Zipper Lube

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Why should you buy SEASOFT’s SeaBee™ Natural Beeswax Zipper Lube?

Beeswax contains natural oils that are superior lubricants and make opening and closing your drysuit zipper easy and it protects the zipper in ways other lubricants simply can’t.  Beeswax is made up of three main components.  The first one is palmitate, an ester of palmitic acid, which is a common fatty acid, basically an oil which is a great lubricant.  The second one is palmitoleate, another ester of palmitoleic acid which is again, another fatty acid much related to the first one, again a naturally occurring oil.  The third component is oleate esters, which are esters (salts) of oleic acid, which is again, a fatty acid.  A good example of oleic acid is olive oil.  All of these components help to lubricate and protect your zipper.

So, you can see that SEASOFT’s SeaBee™ Natural Beeswax Zipper Lube is full of Mother Nature’s lubricating bounty and you can use it for all of your zipper lubricating needs with confidence that Mother Nature is never wrong.

You have several choices for waxing your Brass or other outdoor gear zipper; paraffin – a petroleum-based wax, a synthetic wax or beeswax.  Paraffin is brittle & hard, especially in the cold.   It flakes & loses much of its lubrication properties when temperatures drop.  Synthetic waxes are much softer & pick up sand & other debris; this can threaten the integrity of the zipper.

SeaBee™ Natural Beeswax Zipper Lube is the perfect combination of both.  Nature has provided the perfect lubricant that contains natural oils produced by bees to protect and lubricate your zipper.  Bees fly 150,000 miles just to produce 1 lb. of beeswax & SeaBee Natural Beeswax Zipper Lube is the perfect zipper lubrication resulting from all that work!

A Message from Bruce Justinen, President of SEASOFT SCUBA:  “Back in the 80’s and early 90’s all of the divers I knew and myself used beeswax to lubricate our drysuit zippers (and tent, backpack & sleeping bag zippers too).  We knew that it lubricated better and protected our zippers for longer life.  We scoffed at those that used paraffin wax and we still don’t recommend it.  The company that made that beeswax lube for us back then is long gone but SEASOFT has taken up the task of providing the very best beeswax lube for those wanting the best lubricant for their drysuit zippers and outdoor equipment.  Plus, we give you TWO lubes instead of one and for about the same price as we paid for one way back then, all in a waterproof jar.”

Bruce’s Tip: “When encountering colder temperatures, hold your SeaBee™ Lube in your closed fist for 2 or 3 minutes.  This will soften the wax and give it the perfect consistency to perfectly lubricate your zipper.”

Directions: Firmly rub SeaBee™ Natural Beeswax along zipper & between the teeth.  Apply to both sides of open zipper until you see a thin layer of wax.  When finished – open & close zipper 3 or 4 times.  Repeat every 2 or 3 dives.  For outdoor equipment, follow the above directions & repeat before every trip.


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