Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our site.  We have invested hundreds of hours to bring you information that is useful, helpful and educational about scuba diving and scuba gear.  We want to thank you for supporting your local dive store: the folks that fill our tanks, continue our diving education, show us where to dive locally and supply us with diving and snorkeling equipment.  Without them we simply can’t go diving! Please support your local dive store.

Only buy from us if you do not have a local Authorized SEASOFT Dealer.  We want you to know that we return the retail profit portion of your purchase back to the local dive stores through our TEAM SEASOFT PROGRAM.

Order Deadlines

We attempt to ship all orders received by 2 PM Monday to Thursday the same day.  All orders received by 10 AM on Friday are usually shipped the same day.  We are closed Saturday and Sunday.


All orders are normally shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS) and USPS (the US POST OFFICE).  Some orders, especially weights, where appropriate, are shipped using the United States Postal Service’s Priority Post Flat Rate Boxes.

International Shipping

We have many happy overseas customers, however, shipping overseas can be expensive.  We have a volume discount with DHL where we pass on the savings to you. The price that is listed on the website for CANADA and other International Customers will, most likely be incorrect.  There are other hidden charges with some countries and we can help you navigate and minimize those charges where it is possible and legal to do so.  Please email [email protected] for more details on International Shipping.


We have many designated products that carry a lifetime breakage warranty, they are SEASOFT’s Masks, Snorkels, Knives, Lights, Flashlight Pockets and Pony Pockets.  This warranty is much like the service warranties sold by other companies to cover a product. However, with SEASOFT, the LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY is FREE.  The only cost is for shipping and handling.  Here is how it works.

If one of our designated products breaks, simply email us at [email protected] to discuss or describe the breakage.  We will then authorize you to send the broken product or part back.  We will replace or repair to like new condition.  You must include $20.00 for shipping and handling.  We will then ship the repaired or replaced product back to you.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will return your $20.00.

Returns should be sent to:


434 NW Prindle St.

Chehalis, WA 98532


All SEASOFT Products come with a 2 year materials and workmanship warranty except as noted elsewhere on this website.  The exceptions are weight products, they come with a 4 year guarantee.

Drysuit Warranties

All SEASOFT Drysuits come with a 6 month warranty on the seams when used for recreational diving.  The exception to this warranty is when the neoprene is frayed, worn and/or faded; all drysuits will eventually wear out with a combination of UV rays, years of diving and the natural deteriation caused by the compression of the neoprene over years of diving.

Please inspect the zipper, valves and seals when you receive your suit, they are warranted for 30 days against defects in materials and workmanship.  These parts are susceptible to abuse and misuse and you should read the drysuit manual or seek advice from your Authorized SEASOFT Dealer in the care and maintenance of your drysuit’s zipper, valves and seals.


It has been past the initial warranty period and now the “That Shouldn’t Have Happened” Warranty kicks in. Let me explain. Sometimes a customer buys a product that they don’t use as often as they’d like and a defect shows up past the warranty expiration period. The product looks new or almost new but the warranty has expired and you find a defect then.
With most companies it would simply be out of warranty.  BUT SEASOFT has the “That Shouldn’t Have Happened” Warranty. We inspect the product and even if it is out of warranty, if it is defective – we repair or replace.

From Bruce Justinen, President of SEASOFT SCUBA

Once in a great while we get a product back that is simply worn out; someone has dug through gravel to get lobsters and the Kevlar has holes through it. These are tough because we want to make the customer happy but sometimes there is just nothing wrong or defective. In those cases we try to give them a discount on a replacement product. In all cases we have to see the product first.

Occasionally, we get a customer who does not want to send back the product, they will ask if they can just take a picture and then destroy the defective product. Our answer is always NO because we learn from every defective product.  We NEVER stop trying to improve every product, so when we autopsy a defective product we can sometimes find something that helps us do a better job with a different material or the changing of a design.

BUT sometimes you ask what can you do if a product is showing its age or having an “issue”?  Let’s say the edge of the rubber on a boot is starting to delaminate. My answer…

I have not seen the product so I always hate to tell you what to do. In my humble opinion, if there is the start of a de-lamination, you have to clean the area around it completely with fresh water first, dry it thoroughly, mix Aquaseal™ and Cotol™ to a wet solution or find a good quality wetsuit glue and thoroughly cover UNDER the de-lamination making sure that you can keep the neoprene against rubber until the glue can dry.

The hard part is that your repair will sometimes void the warranty. If you try a good professional repair like I described above, we would never void the warranty BUT we sometimes get products in that have 3 different kinds of glues spread all over and the original problem cannot even be seen. A messy repair like that means we cannot even try to repair it and we cannot even tell IF it was defective.

If however, it was defective in materials or workmanship, we will gladly replace it with another because this does sometimes happen. We are very diligent in our engineering and testing of all our products to ensure they stand up to the demands of recreational and even for some products, commercial diving, but there are times that someone did not pay attention to some detail.  We want to take care of our customers but we also want to make sure that someone does not take advantage of this so that others have to pay for their cheating the system.  Please be fair and honest, we will be.


We do not want you to keep a SEASOFT Product that does not fit correctly or is not meeting your needs but we assume that this will become apparent withiin a very short period of time.

So for the first 30 days of your purchase you may return any SEASOFT Product that does not meet your expectations or does not fit.  It must be in NEW CONDITION.  You can trade it for another size or another product or we will credit you with the purchase price minus the incurred shipping charges.  If a product is bought off of our website and it is less than one hundred dollars we will not charge any fees for its return.

If it is over $100 then we will charge a 7% fee to cover the cost of FEEs for CREDIT CARD processing or PAYPAL, handling (boxing, taping, labelling etc.) and more.  This just barely covers our cost and insures that we continue to keep our costs low.  We rarely raise our prices and there are many products that have not gone up in more than 10 years.  Thank you for understanding.

If the packaging has become damaged so that the product will require new packaging, we will charge you $12 for new packaging  Regrettably, products that are damaged or are marked are not returnable.  We will still work with you to attempt to meet your needs but please understand that if a returned product is not saleable then we cannot accept it.  Of course, this does not apply to a defective product.