SEASOFT Ti PRO™ 6 mm Wetsuit Hood


SEASOFT Ti PRO™ 6 mm Wetsuit Hood, the comfortable hood that doesn’t get colder the deeper you go because

it uses 5 different types of neoprene including compressed neoprene for the back three panels!

Why not be WARM?

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Why should you buy this SEASOFT Ti PRO™ 6 mm Wet Suit Hood?FACT: The head is responsible for the greatest heat loss while diving, up to 35%.

FACT: Other hoods use neoprene that contains lots of air bubbles, the claim being they are comfortable. However, lots of bubbles create a hood that easily compresses while diving – good-bye thermal protection! The neoprene is getting thinner just when you need it the most!

FACT: Many divers get cold thinking it’s their wetsuit or drysuit making them cold when, in fact, it’s the lack of a warm hood.

SOLUTION: SEASOFT uses compressed neoprene in the three back panels for unsurpassed warmth. SEASOFT Hoods do NOT get thinner at depth; they keep you warm and toasty throughout your dive.  We actually use 5 different types of neoprene to make the SEASOFT Ti PRO™ 6 mm Wet Suit Hood.  Each type has its own specific purpose, most companies use one type for everything.

There are also two very small holes for air to escape from the inside crown of the hood in case air enters your hood with a thin baffle built over the holes to prevent water from entering.  We pay attention to even the small details to give you the best hood money can buy.

All SEASOFT Hoods are designed and manufactured without seams in the middle of the chin.  Other companies build hoods with this seam because it is less expensive to manufacture them this way but they are less comfortable and this seam causes jaw fatigue.
SEASOFT Hoods have two layers of Titanium Flake Foil Technology™ for extra warmth, this Titanium Foil™ acts as a barrier to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

The BOTTOM LINE – if you were an expert and could build your own hood – you would build the SEASOFT Ti PRO™ 6 mm Wetsuit Hood for yourself!

Why not be WARM?

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