SEASOFT (Clam Shell) 6 mm Mask Strap


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Why should you buy this SEASOFT Mask Strap?

There are a lot of mask straps out there. Most of them have you replace your own mask strap.

The SEASOFT Mask Strap is designed to leave your current mask strap in place.   Instead of replacing your mask strap you take your mask strap and place it into the clam-shell opening between the 2 layers of 3 mm DINA-HIDE™ neoprene and then close it, giving you a nice comfortable, cushy fit.

1. This extra thick neoprene helps your SEASOFT Mask Strap float your mask if it is accidentally knocked off or dropped.

2. It also is great for keeping your hair from getting tangled in the rubber strap.

3. Another advantage is that with the SEASOFT Mask Strap’s large neoprene strap, your mask is being pulled evenly from the top and bottom giving you a more comfortable, waterproof fit!

4. When wearing a hood, it is also easier to tell whether your mask is mounted correctly.  Often with a split rubber strap, it is difficult to tell whether the straps are tangled or crossed at the back.

With the SEASOFT Mask Strap you can say goodbye to hassle, hello to comfort!

Part #: 501-901


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