THE “NEW” SEAWOLF™ Weight Harnesses x THREE


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Why should you buy the NEW SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness?

The “NEW” SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness has been improved in every way.   The SEAWOLF™ is now available with THREE different QUIK DITCH POCKETS™.  These pockets hold 15 lbs,. 20 lbs., and 30 lbs., each to provide the recreational or commercial diver with the choices they need to dive with the proper amount of ditchable weight.

Designed for divers who need a large amount of weight to attain neutral buoyancy OR who have problems wearing a conventional weight belt, the ditchable pockets hold the right amount of weight for even the most demanding commercial diver.

The release mechanism on the ditchable pockets is safe and easy to use. These pockets are virtually impossible to accidentally ditch. Sand and other debris cannot foul up the release mechanism because of the way they are designed.  Just pull the YELLOW handles straight down for gravity assisted ditching of the weight in the QUIK DITCH™ pockets.

NO one makes a more adjustable and comfortable weight harness, it’s adjustable on every plane so that the SEAWOLF fit’s you perfectly.  The weight pockets slide along the waist belt which is adjustable and the height is also adjustable both in front and back.

A heavy-duty military grade 2″ acetal (polyoxymethyleneside release buckle holds it all together and a 2″ HEAVY stainless steel buckle is an option for those wanting the security of metal!

Comfort, durability and the perfect fit – if you need a weight harness, this is it!

Part#:  201-905 SEAWOLF30 Weight Harness™ with ditchable QUIK DITCH™ Weight Pockets  x 15 lbs. on each side.

Part#:  201-904 SEAWOLF40 Weight Harness™ with ditchable QUIK DITCH™ Weight Pockets  x 20 lbs. on each side.

Part#:  201-903 SEAWOLF60 Weight Harness™ with ditchable QUIK DITCH™ Weight Pockets  x 30 lbs. on each side.

PART #: 003-100 SEASOFT HEAVY Stainless Steel 2″ Buckle for the SEAWOLF™ Weight Harness

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