SEASOFT SUNRAYS™ 3 mm Half Top Booties with an elevated heel & orthotics! Athletic footwear for divers!

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Watch this video and learn why SUNRAYS are the number one selling warm water bootie in Bonaire and Hawaii.

The HALF TOP 3 mm SUNRAYS are the most unique diving bootie for warm water travel because they are actually "tennis shoes" or "sneakers".  In other words they are athletic footwear.  This means they have an elevated heel and orthotics. This provides the wearer with balance, stability, and kinetic harmony while walking, moving and swimming.  

Divers wear a lot of weight, a filled aluminum 80 weighs 38 lbs. alone and it seems silly if not outright dangerous to be wearing footwear that could be described as a bedroom slipper. 

SEASOFT's SUNRAYS are not bedroom slippers but serious footwear for in and out of the water. Don't cheat yourself by wearing bedroom slippers, get the real thing, athletic footwear!

104-301 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size 3XL (13,14) 

104-302 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size 2XL (12)

104-303 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size XL (11) 

104-304 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size L (10) 

104-305 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size M (9) 

104-306 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size S (7,8) 

104-307 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size XS (6,7) 

104-308 SUNRAYS 3 MM, Size XXS (4/5)

SEASOFT SUNRAYS™ 3mm Half Top Booties

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Why should you buy these SEASOFT SUNRAYS Booties?

The US military, commercial divers, instructors, seasoned traveling divers, Search & Rescue, police, fire, and virtually all other divers consider SEASOFT's Ti STEALTH™ and SUNRAYS™ Athletic Dive Footwear to be the best there is!

NO other Dive Equipment Manufacturer makes an athletic boot like the SUNRAY™ and Ti STEALTH!  SEASOFT is the only company that creates a full athletic bootie with an elevated heel and orthotics.  NOBODY!  

The rest of the boots sold today are basically bedroom slippers.

Cramps are an issue for most divers. The foot and the muscles of the arch and feet must flex continuously inside soft soled booties which are themselves inside the foot pocket of the fins; this causes cramps and can be VERY painful!  Most divers think this is an inevitable price to pay to dive or snorkel, it’s not!

SEASOFT manufactures their dive footwear using a hard sole. The rigidity of this sole eliminates the wasteful up and down motion of the foot inside the foot pocket of your fins.  Your foot primarily remains stationary inside the fin pocket.  By bypassing these small muscles in the arch and feet, SEASOFT Booties use the large muscle groups to powerfully move you through the water.  

SEASOFT Booties have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you get cramps, we will send you another pair or you can return them.  We have yet to have a diver return a pair due to cramps!  

Another good reason to buy a SEASOFT bootie.  We divers can easily carry over a hundred pounds of gear;  should you be wearing bedroom slippers OR athletic footwear? 

The obvious answer, of course, is athletic footwear. An elevated heel and an arch support underneath the sole of your boot creates stability and comfort. The elevated heel gives you the ability to safely carry your gear on sand, rocks and lava, or on wet docks and pitching boat decks. The arch support provides stability and supports the foot and ankle.

If you agree that athletic footwear is important, you should be wearing SEASOFT diving booties.  Our competitors footwear LOOKS athletic from the outside but are not athletic where it counts, on the inside.  If the heel is not raised, it's just a bedroom slipper!

SEASOFT diving booties utilize high quality neoprene, a fin guard, and a zip-keeper in both booties and 2 layers of Titanium Flake Foil Technology™ for heat retention in the STEALTH Booties™ and warm 3 mm nylon covered neoprene in our SUNRAYS™.  So join tens of thousands of other divers in discovering just how warm, comfortable, safe and effective you can be in SEASOFT Booties.

Available in 3 mm SUNRAYS™ with a half top (size 4 to 14) and 6 mm STEALTH™ full top (sizes 3 to 15)

Part #: 104-30X  SEASOFT SUNRAYS 3 mm Half Top Athletic Dive Booties. 

Part #: 104-60X  SEASOFT STEALTH 6 mm Full Top Athletic Dive Booties.

Combat Pilot Testimonial: “I am a combat Strike Eagle pilot of 34 years.  In 2005 or so, they started stuffing pairs of SEASOFT STEALTH (boots) in the survival vest I trained with.  Unfortunately, we had a 17 day long ordeal in a nasty saltwater marsh environment of run, hide and wait for an extraction.

The ONLY thing on my entire body that came out “OK” after that extreme wet and prolonged exposure was my feet and I was wearing a pair of SEASOFT STEALTH boots the entire time.  They sell themselves… I am TOTALLY sold on these boots at any price.”


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